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Welcome To Jivatman's Homepage

Weather you use a cardboardbox to play on, or a fully equiped studio worth 50.000 euros, the stuff you do is making music.

Where's the summer? What's happend with the sun?

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Last Updates

12/03/02   Pictures FunkyCitygig at Vooruit.
24/03/02   A refresh
30/04/02   Kosmic update
28/05/02   Kosmic the sequel
13/06/02   Summervibes

This little piece of big art you find in the subway of Montmartre in Paris. Jammin' vibes, I love it.

Getting a Kosmic touch
The partyspace the 27th of June was hard to fill. Lot's of other stuff going on.
The music was present in huge variety.

The next Jivatman&Tamuraj-set is to be expected the 21th of July at Unit near the same Vlasmarkt. A second Gentsche Fieste-gig is at... Kosmic the 23rd.

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Tamuraj & Jivatman makin groove
The airwaves, a free unpossessable domain, inspire me. A release from the burden of freedom in this world
Want to discuss something, ask for a demo or get booking&info mail here

love, peace & mutiny